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A Block of Concrete

This was one of  3 teasers made for Al Jazeera and Resolution Productions for the new Hamad Port which is currently under construction in Qatar.

It was shot on a Red Epic and Canon C300's, and was written as one of 3 - the others being water and earth - to bring the enormous scale of the project (one of the largest construction sites on the planet) down to a human scale in order to undestand the size of it.

These were all written and directed by Kim.





This was a piece made for TRT World in Istanbul for a charity set up to help wartorn refugees in Europe.

It uses material that was filmed in Syria and around parts of Europe with some simple graphic messages to make the points.

The music is Nouela's cover of 'The Sound of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel, but this wasn't ever used for copyright reasons. 


30 for 30

I wrote and directed about 15 of these to launch the very excellent 30 for 30 documentary series made for ESPN in America.

They all featured the actor (and sports fan) Dougray Scott doing all the intros to the films along with this - the 90" promo made to launch the whole series.



30 for 30

And here is one of the 15 intros to the 30 for 30 documentary series.


This was called The Two Escobars, and centres on the notorious drugs lord - Pablo Escobar, and the quiet captain of the Columbian national foorball team in the 1994 World Cup - Andreas Escobar.



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