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Film Genre Titles

This was a title sequence created for various film genres in a film season.

It was shot on 35mm film and starts out as a thriller and then goes through various genres from dance and medical to war and horror.

It was called Spotlight.

The music was specially written for it by Paula Riordan.

The Bullet

This is a title sequence made for a male channel of crime, thrillers and detective series.

We wanted to create something a bit stylish that would also appeal to the lads element.

This definitely has a James Bond flavour, with music specially composed by Myers Maggs.

Comedy Hour

I once saw the late and great David Rappaport doing a live stand up gig in Islington, where he reduced the whole audience to literally crying with laughter and unable to breathe. One of the sketches was different types of laughter which inspired this title sequence for a comedy slot.

Feel free to giggle ....

Copa America

A simple but effective title sequence made up of still images and edited to a great track composed for us by guys we use quite a bit - Myers Maggs Music.

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